“Mom, we’re home from the Grand Tournament!”

“Hi kids! I brought you some snacks!”

“Aww, Guile-Pops again?”

Freeze, Mom!

“Sub Zero?”

That’s right! I’m here to rip the spine out of your boring old snacks. Check out my new Mortal Ice Kream!

“Mortal Ice Kream? What’s that?”

Mortal Ice Kream is Earthrealm’s coolest new frozen treat! When it’s toasty outside, Mortal Ice Kream will freeze your hunger in place and shatter it into a million pieces.

“Mortal Ice Kream? I don’t know…”

Don’t worry, Mom. With flavors like Vanilliu Kang, Goro Grape, and Shang Tstrawberry, your kids will be Raiden the freezer for more. And because Mortal Ice Kream is made with the blood of your enemies and fortified with kalcium and antioxidants, you know it’s good for them.

“Can we have some Mortal Ice Kream, Mom? Can we?”

“That sounds like a great idea. In fact, I think I’ll have some Mortal Ice Kream too!”

Mortal Ice Kream for everyone! Just make sure you… FINISH THEM!

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Mortal Ice Kream: Get over here and try some today!

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