Once upon a time in the kingdom of [REALM NAME], [NUMBER] great sages were entrusted by the goddesses to [VERB] a great and [ADJECTIVE] relic known as The [PROPER NOUN].

The sages hid The [PROPER NOUN] in the farthest reaches of the [ADJECTIVE] World, where only the [ADJECTIVE] of Heart could hope to [VERB] it.

But deep in the [CLIMATE REGION] of [ABSTRACT NOUN], the evil [OCCUPATION] [MAN’S NAME] plotted to [VERB] The [PROPER NOUN] and use its power to [VERB] the land in [ABSTRACT NOUN]. [MAN’S NAME], using his [ADJECTIVE] magic, tore open a portal and located The [PROPER NOUN]. But before he could [VERB] it, the sages banished [MAN’S NAME] to the [ADJECTIVE] World.

Just before the evil [OCCUPATION] was sealed in the now twisted [ADJECTIVE] World, he placed a curse on Princess [GIRL’S NAME], [REALM NAME]’s lone and heirless sovereign. Having helplessly witnessed (or been told) all of this, the hero [BOY’S NAME] decides to [VERB] the evil [MAN’S NAME] and restore peace to [REALM NAME].

[BOY’S NAME] set out across every imaginable biome of [REALM NAME], exploring [ADJECTIVE] dungeons and fighting [ADJECTIVE] bosses for possession of powerful and useful items like the [ADJECTIVE] boomerang, the [ADJECTIVE] wand, and the [RETRACTABLE CHAIN ITEM].

Eventually, [BOY’S NAME] discovered the legendary [ADJECTIVE] Sword hidden deep in the [CLIMATE REGION] of [ABSTRACT NOUN] and pulled it from a [NOUN]. Using the [ADJECTIVE] Sword, [BOY’S NAME] took his place as the true Hero of [REALM NAME] and entered the [ADJECTIVE] World for a final showdown with [MAN’S NAME].

After a [ADJECTIVE] battle employing most, if not all, of the items and combat tactics [BOY’S NAME] acquired in his travels, [MAN’S NAME] is defeated, [GIRL’S NAME]’s spell is broken and The [PROPER NOUN] is restored to its rightful place. A new age of [ABSTRACT NOUN] settled on the land of [REALM NAME] and [BOY’S NAME] is honored with a [NOUN] erected in his likeness.

Now all [BOY’S NAME] has left to do is collect all [NUMBER] [NOUN]s, beat the best time in the [NOUN] race, and the get a high score playing the [NOUN] game.

And they all lived [ADVERB] ever after.