“I say, old bean! Where the devil are we?”

“Another spot-on query as usual, my good man!”

“Much obliged, sir!”

“Not at all, dear brother! Not at all!”

“If I might be so bold, may I suggest we survey the native topography?”

“A capital idea, brother, I must say!”

“Oh, pishaw.”

“No, I must insist! Quite brilliant, indeed!”

“You are really too kind, brother! But returning to matters at hand, how would one go about conjuring up the atlas?”

“Hmm. You must correct me if I’m mistaken, old chap…”

“Of course.”

“…but I believe one must toggle the Select Button if one wished to refer to the atlas.”

“By Jove, now why didn’t I think of that?”

“To be perfectly honest, brother, the answer just came to me! It was as if an electric light filament suddenly illuminated my mind!”

“Quite inspired, I must say! Good show!”

“Flattered, I’m sure! But I digress. Shall we toggle the Select Button together, you and I?”

“Oh, do let’s!”

“Very well, brother! On three! One… two… three!”

“I say! It seems we’ve come quite a long way in our travels, dear brother!”

“Indeed it does, old boy! Look here! That’s the apparition-filled estate we happened upon Tuesday after last!”

“And there’s that dreadful woodland where we found these yellow cloaks! Do you suppose, perchance, there might be a haberdashery nearby? I’m afraid I may have unraveled a seam.”

“Great Caesar’s ghost!”

“What is it, brother? What vexes you so?”

“It appears as if that troublesome conduit we braved a few stages back led us on an inopportune bearing!”

“I told you we would rue the day you spied that blasted culvert! Wherever did we end up?”

“According to this, we seem to be coming upon some strange underwater valley!”

“Rubbish! I’m hardly submerged at the moment! What is this poppycock?”

“See it for yourself, dear brother!”

“Goodness gracious! This basin is subaquatic! What a conundrum!”

“This is quite the kerfuffle indeed! I’m afraid our balloon aircraft holiday has taken quite the turn for the worst!”

“Whatever shall we do now, brother?”

“It seems we have no choice but to retrace our itinerary!”

“Gads! How perfectly maddening!”

“There’s nothing for it, old bean! But we may make short work of it yet!”

“How do you mean, brother?”

“Why, we’ll just take the Many Starred Road back to the Grasslands of Donut!”

“I beg you reconsider, dear brother! Couldn’t we simply return through your accursed conduit?”

“But brother! Why ever would you consent to that?”

“Those absurd polygonal platforms put me into a bloody tizzy when they launch me to the heavens! I shant subject myself to such discomposure! I shant, I tell you!”

“Oh very well, brother. Mayhap we could gather the remainder of that queer crimson currency on the way back!”

“Jolly good! After you, my good man!”

“Not at all, old sport! After you, I insist!”

ΒΆ Ye Olde Dinosaur Land at SPLITREASON