“Hey, Billy, check out what I found in the park!”

“Leave me alone, Walter! I’m almost past Level 7.”

“Just look at it. I think it’s made outta gold!”

“Okay, fine… Yeah, this is kinda cool. Looks like it says something here on the side, let me just try to—”

I have been awakened!


Who has released the Djinni from his slumber?

“B-b-b… Billy. My name’s Billy.”

Billy: You have freed me, and in exchange, I shall grant your greatest wish.

“A wish?”

Anything you desire! Croesus wished for gold, and became the wealthiest man in all of civilization. Genghis Khan wanted power, and ruled three continents with an iron fist. Lord Byron sought only love, and was desired by ten-thousand women.

“You… you can give me anything?”

I can, and I will. Billy: What is your wish?

“I want infinite lives.”

Infinite life! Like Juan Ponce de León, you seek the power of eternal youth and unending life, and I shall grant it to you as I did to him.

“No, man! Infinite lives. On my game.”

A video game?

“Yeah. This level is tough.”

As you wish. You now shall have infinite lives in your video game. It is done!

“Whoa! Is he gone?”

“I… I think so.”

“Billy… Why did you wish for that? You coulda been rich or famous. You coulda been a king!

“With this power, I will be king someday, Walter. I’ll be the King of Kong.”