ThreadFiction would like to wish itself a very happy first birthday!

To the surprise of everyone who ever heard the concept of this site, ThreadFiction turns one year old today. We wanted to celebrate by taking a look back at the ten “most popular” ThFics of the last 365 days.

10) A Fistful of 1UPs

9) A Bicycle Built for Seuss

8) Google M for Murder

7) Chewie and Han

6) VH1’s Behind the Curtain

5) Hyrules of Engagement

4) We Built This City on Wheat and Stone

3) Jawesome

2) Crete Fighter II

1) Robot’s Got Flak

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Tim and I truly appreciate your readership for the past year. Thanks to all of you, and here’s to a fruitful and lucrative Year Two.

Chris at ThFic

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