to teh perfechonists of teh world. to teh nitpikers and teh hair spliters and teh grammer police out their. you know whom you are.

gone are teh days of youre elitest smugness. no longer will we qwiver at your redonkulous grasp of teh english language. bad spellers and those with teh vocabulry of third grades now make up teh magority of people on earth. and our massage is loud and clean: lighten up dude. i mean seriously wtf!!1!

yeah im aware that theres more than one way to spell their. and i know theyre probably diffrent meanings for each of them. but whtever! do i sound like i care? you think just cuz you capitaled all teh right stuff that your opinion is better than mine?

we bad spellers got opinons too. teh diference is we choose to voice them on socal media sites in a crude unfiltred style. far as im concerned thats an artform. and you valid dictorians got teh nerve to correct me in a reply comment? who made you judge judy and exicutioner? and most impotantly who cares?

face it nerds. survival of teh fitest dosnt care about your vocabluary. natural sellection doesnt care about past present partesipples or whatever. its teh twentyeth sentry. our society is past all that bull$h!t. teh time of books and newpapers are over. teh time of teh txt massage has come!!1!

and before you brainiacs get all whinie and moppy, just remember: teh english langage is totaly adapting. and beleve me, english is evolving faster than webster or maryann can update theyre book. whats that thing called? oh right a phonebook. every smartphone on teh planets already gotta phonebook built right into. and its conected to teh internet so you dont have to keep buying new ones. i mean not really a hard desicion is it?

so ether get with teh times or get out you grammer nazis. teh world doesnt grade life on its speling. and nether do job aplication reviewers. all people care about is your realife experence, your character, and what link you posted frist.

witch reminds me, check out rianna’s new musci vid. she is teh hot!!1!

ΒΆ Bad Spellers Untie at Tshirtbordello