April 19th, 2087

Wow, two months have come and gone! Suspended animation is the only way to fly!

Well, I finally arrived at the asteroid belt and got to perform some preliminary tests on the proton cannons today. It’s exciting to see what a SF-47 Hawk can do! I mean, the 58s have anti-matter compactors, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned explosion!

April 20th, 2087

High Command sent over the projected work schedule this afternoon. If I pull a few extra hours here and there, I may be home in time for Christmas! Well, next year, anyways. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow!

April 21st, 2087

Annihilated asteroids for almost sixteen hours straight! I can’t get enough! I’m going back after dinner!

April 29th, 2087

More asteroid blasting! It’s interesting to note the differences in vaporization between asteroids comprised mainly of rock and those made up mostly of ice. Fascinating stuff.

May 12th, 2087

Asteroids all day. Going to bed.

June 2nd, 2087

Whenever the novelty of my job begins to ebb, I play a little game to see how many asteroids I can obliterate in five minutes. Then I try and beat my score.

August 28th, 2087

My high score is 462 asteroids in five minutes. It’d be much higher it if those damned proton cannons turned over faster! Why did I get stuck with this crappy little 47?

November 5th, 2087

High score still at 462.

December 24th, 2087

Only had to blast asteroids until 2pm today. Thank God! I finally get a break! I don’t have to blast a single asteroid for five whole hours!

January 4th, 2088

Can’t sleep. All I see when I close my eyes are exploding masses of rock and ice. The only thing to do besides eat and sleep is blast asteroids. Guess I’ll grab a plate of hot wings and hit the cannons some more.

January 23rd, 2088

I read somewhere that there are more asteroids in this solar system than molecules of nitrogen on Earth. What was I thinking signing up for this? Hey! What was that!? I thought I heard something…

January 31st, 2088

My daily asteroid count is dropping. Somewhere on this ship there is a buzzing fly and I fear if I don’t find it soon and kill it I shall surely go mad… Why won’t anyone answer that damn phone!?

February 11th, 2088

High Command contacted the ship today. They say I’ve been working in the wrong sector. That all this time I’ve been nowhere near the expansion site. Poor fools. It’s all so clear to me now… The Invaders have led me to this Space…

The Academy has sent a Galaxian courier ship to escort me to the nearest depot. But I know better… They’re really coming to silence me! They’ve always been jealous that the Invaders chose me!

Wait… What’s that you say? I should lie in wait behind an asteroid? I should fire upon them when they least expect it? Yes, masters! What a glorious plan…

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