“Huh. It’s got kind of a…”

“It’s sort of sweet, sort of savory…”

“Tastes a little like… no, that’s not it…”

Introducing Kellogg’s Soylent G, a curiously delicious way to start your day!

“Man, this is good. I wish I could place the flavor though…”

“Oh yeah. Nice texture, great crunch. What’s in this?”

“Kind of like Apple Jacks but… saltier? No, that’s not quite it.”

Our taste testers still can’t guess the wonderfully addictive flavor of Kellogg’s Soylent G. But what they’ll never expect is how wholesome it is. Soylent G contains an entire daily recommended serving of vitamin D, amino acids, and protein. The taste may be a mystery, but it’s a mystery that sticks with you through the whole day.

“Wow. I can’t stop eating this stuff. Can I have another bowl?”

“Dude, it like… mixes with the milk and makes this thick awesome gravy.”

“You guys are definitely on to something right here.”

And with every box of Kellogg’s Soylent G you purchase, Kellogg’s Foods promises to make a contribution towards the fight against global overpopulation. It’s a cause and a cereal you can really get behind.

“So I can eat this every day and help save the world? Sounds like a plan.”

“Who’ve thought a breakfast cereal could make this big a difference?”

“I feel so connected to humanity right now… my brain is tingling.”

Tap your true human potential and absorb the powers of new Kellogg’s Soylent G, found wherever controversial health foods are sold.

Kellogg’s Soylent G— made with people in mind!

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