“Alright, Admiral. Let’s take it from the top. Aaand… action!”

“Hey kidsch! It’sch your bescht buddy in the galaxschy, Admiral Ackbar! And I can’t wait to—”

“Cut! That was great, Admiral. But let’s start with your name and forget all that intro stuff. Okay?”

“Schure thing, bossch!”

“Alright, great. Aaand… action!”

“Hi! I’m Admiral Ackbar! And I can’t wait to schtart another schuper schunny day with the bescht breakfascht in the—”

“Cut! You know what, let’s just get right to the pitch. No use wasting air time. You okay with that, Admiral?”

“Schounds like a reschponschible usche of schtudio reschources, bossch!”

“Just read the cards. Okay aaand… action!”

“Admiral Ackbar here for Schugar Froschted Schtar Deschtroyer Schquares! It’sch the delischiousch and nutritiousch schereal that’sch burschting with scheven esschential vitaminsch and mineralsch to—”

“Cut, cut, cut! Who the hell wrote this?”

“Isch schomething amissch, bossch?”

“Yes, Admiral. Something is amiss. It appears you’re best at commanding fleets of Mon Calamari star cruisers… not the English language.”

“I schee. Can’t you juscht fix it in poscht?”

“We’re going to have to dub you with one hell of a voice actor, Admiral. And I know just the man for the job.”

LANDO CALRISSIAN: Good morning, I’m Admiral Ackbar. Let’s see what’s for breakfast. Hello, what have we here? Why it’s my favorite cereal, Sugar Frosted Star Destroyer Squares! Mmm, these look absolutely beautiful. And they’re fortified with seven essential vitamins and minerals. This deal keeps getting better all the time!

Admiral Ackbar Cereal at Tshirtbordello